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Hazards that contribute to slip and fall injuries

The long-term complications resulting from slip-and-fall injuries are sometimes significant. Head injuries, fractures and similar injuries may require extensive medical intervention and time out of work for recovery. Reducing your risk of injury starts with recognizing common hazards that pose slip-and-fall risks.

There are several common types of slip-and-fall hazards to watch for.

Subtle indoor hazards

It is easy to overlook some indoor situations that increase slip-and-fall risks. For example, damp or wet flooring creates a slippery surface but can be difficult to see. Especially in inclement weather, such as heavy Florida rain storms, be mindful of the risk of wet flooring. Step carefully and look for mats or other textured surfaces instead.

Uneven flooring poses a hazard as well. You may not see a shift in the flooring until you step on it, putting you slightly off-balance and increasing your risk of a fall. Uneven flooring surfaces without warning signs create a liability exposure for the property owner in the event of an injury.

Negligent environmental hazards

In many public areas, negligence creates slip-and-fall risks. Clutter, including items left in a walkway or boxes obstructing the path, can create a risk of slip-and-fall injuries. Loose mats or rugs put people at risk of tripping as well.

Outdoor slip-and-fall risks

Property owners also have a responsibility to address outdoor hazards, including potholes, uneven sidewalks and deteriorating asphalt. These conditions create injury risks if someone falls as a result of the unstable surfaces.

Be mindful of your surroundings and attentive to the path ahead of you to reduce your risk of a slip-and-fall injury.