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Civil Litigation
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Civil Litigation


Civil Litigation is an area of law that has to do with disputes between parties (including businesses, individuals, and/or organizations). In general, when a person or entity has been injured or wronged in some way and attributes responsibility to another party, a civil suit may be filed in an attempt to obtain compensation for damages.

At Hurdle & Hughes Attorneys at Law, we are skilled at representing parties in a variety of civil disputes. When you are fighting to secure your rights after being wronged, make sure you have skilled lawyers on your side to fight for your interests in court.

​The result of your civil trial is critical to you or your business. Make certain you go to court represented by an attorney who is compassionate to your issues, committed to aggressively fight on your behalf, and who possess real trial experience. Make certain your lawyer has the skill, dedication and proven performance to make that essential difference. Contact us at 813-699-5008.