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Recovery After An Accident On Dangerous Premises

Is a property owner or manager to blame for your slip-and-fall accident? Indeed, documentation of a responsible party’s negligence will be an important part of an injury claim involving dangerous premises conditions. If you can prove that someone who should have kept a property free of hazards failed to do so, this may be important to your case.

Hurdle & Hughes Attorneys at Law has helped many clients pursue and recover the compensation they needed to cope with injuries and losses after accidents such as:

  • Falling on stairs or steps
  • Slipping on floors with slick surfaces
  • Failing from a hotel balcony or cruise ship deck
  • Slipping and falling in a nursing home because of poor supervision
  • Falling from a height on the job or at school
  • Tripping on loose carpet or flooring in an apartment complex
  • Suffering any injury at an amusement park or another entertainment venue

Premises liability does not only pertain to slip-and-fall accidents. Other premises injury and death claims may arise from:

  • Dog bites and other animal attacks
  • Assaults on premises with inadequate security
  • Injuries caused by fires or chemical spills
  • Falling objects in discount stores, warehouses and storage rooms
  • Injuries caused by heavy equipment or machinery

Whatever happened, wherever it happened and however it injured you in or near Hillsborough County, our premises liability lawyers are ready to work hard to get you the compensation you need and deserve. Our representation will start with a detailed investigation into the accident and your injuries.

We Are Here, Ready To Help

You may be coping with something relatively minor but still costly, like a broken ankle. Or you may have suffered a serious head injury when you fell on dangerous premises. You may have lost a loved one in a fire. Rest assured that we are committed to helping you recover the compensation that you need for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

We are known for being responsive and accessible to our clients. We are also recognized by past clients and legal peers for our strong track record. To schedule a free consultation after an accident on dangerous premises, call 813-699-5008 or email us. We are ready to evaluate your slip-and-fall case and make recommendations for resolving your case efficiently and in your best interests.

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