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Let Divorce Be A Conscious Turn In The Road

At Hurdle & Hughes Attorneys at Law, we understand that in most cases, divorce is seen as a disappointment or failure. Each individual, couple, marriage, family and divorce is unique, but for most people, a marital breakdown feels like a fundamental shaking of a foundation. The transition from being part of a couple to being single again is challenging in many aspects of life. .

Whatever your situation, our No.1 advice is this: Don’t let these things just happen to you. Move forward with a sense of purpose and direction. Our experienced Florida family law attorneys are here to help you do just that.

You Can Depend On Our Professional Guidance

We will guide you efficiently through the legal processes of your divorce, including:

  • Property division: division or allotment of your marital home, investment accounts, bank accounts, household goods, recreational assets, collectibles, retirement accounts, vehicles and pets
  • Debt division
  • Child custody and visitation (known as parenting plans and time-sharing in Florida family law courts)
  • Spousal support, if applicable

When our law firm works with people preparing for and moving through divorce, we offer reassurance and guidance from a practical point of view. We want to help you envision your future one year, five years and 20 years from now and realize the great impact that your terms of divorce might have on that future.

We understand that the personal and emotional aspects of divorce are disorienting for most people. Our years of experience have prepared us to work with you compassionately and skillfully through this difficult time. The financial and legal aspects of divorce largely consist of businesslike matters that deserve your close attention. When it is difficult for you to stay clear-headed, our legal team is ready to help you  keep your eyes on the goal of preserving a solid future for yourself and your children.

Let’s Talk It Over

You can trust our attorneys to listen carefully, tell you the truth and engage with you creatively in arriving at sensible solutions in your Florida divorce. We welcome your inquiry through this website or by phone at 813-699-5008.

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