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When Injuries Are Catastrophic Or Fatal

Please accept our empathy as you and your family navigate the aftermath of a serious accident. You or your loved one may have suffered a life-altering injury such as:

  • A spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • A traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • An amputation
  • Disfiguring burn injuries
  • A serious back, neck or shoulder injury resulting in extraordinary pain management challenges
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Whatever you are experiencing now and however it happened, you can take reassurance from the fact that our law firm has helped many individuals and families in and beyond Hillsborough County recover the compensation they needed in similar circumstances. Hurdle & Hughes Attorneys at Law is available to be supportive of you from throughout your injury claim or lawsuit against whoever was responsible for the accident (or insurers).

If your loved one lost his or her life in a crash, fall injury or fire, we are ready to help your family pursue financial relief through a wrongful death claim.

The Investigation Into The Serious Injury Or Fatal Accident

Once you decide to work with one or more of our lawyers after a catastrophic injury or fatal accident, we will begin a detailed investigation without delay. Our investigation may include interviews of eyewitnesses, review of medical records, selection of expert witnesses and accident reconstruction. We and/or experts collaborating with us will get to the bottom of how you were injured, who was responsible and how we can maximize your compensation.

The Presentation Of Your Case

We will prepare our arguments on your behalf as if for trial from the beginning. However, your case may settle out of court. We will be ready to turn on a dime in any direction that will bring about the best results for you and your family. At all times, we will stay accessible to you and keep you updated on your case.

Your Recovery

Ideally, your physical and financial recoveries will go hand in hand. At all times, we will be engaged in the fight to win for you – to enable you to reclaim your life after courageously dealing with a terrible blow. Our Tampa personal injury lawyers are on your side. We are eager to meet with you and explain how we can make a difference for you, starting now.

Your Free Initial Consultation

We look forward to helping you envision the good news on the way! Call 813-699-5008 or email us to schedule your first meeting with a lawyer from our firm. We are available to get your injury claim or wrongful death claim on a fast track to resolution.

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