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What are some warning signs of spinal cord injuries?

In the time following a serious construction accident, you may find yourself with an aching back. A fall from even just a few feet off of the ground is enough to give you a spinal cord injury.

Learning about the hidden signs of this injury is important, since they may not seem obvious at first.

Issues with noticing sensations

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes, you could struggle with an odd sense of tingling in some of your limbs following an accident. You may find it tough to pick up items with your hands or wiggle your toes.

Problems while using the bathroom

Being unable to urinate or defecate freely is another common issue many people with a spinal cord injury suffer from. The amount of control you have over your bowels and bladder can decrease over time with spinal cord trauma. Although you may not notice this issue at first, it can become more obvious as time goes on.

Strange feelings

Throughout an average day, you may feel a lot of pain in your back, neck or areas of your head. You could even sense pressure that slowly becomes more painful over time as you try to twist your neck or back to feel relief.

Painful breathing

If you find it tough to take a deep breath or notice yourself gasping for air at odd times, it could have to do with your spinal cord. You may even find yourself slowly dealing with partial paralysis or intense numbness.

Knowing how a spinal cord injury becomes more obvious over time can affect the choices you make.