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What made you slip and fall on your way to the reunion lunch?

You made the long trip from Savannah to Tampa for your high school reunion without incident.

However, you slipped and fell the next day as you were walking through the hotel on your way to the reunion lunch. How did this happen?

Understanding the difference

A slip happens when you lose traction while walking. A trip occurs when you connect with an obstacle in your path. In your case, the corridor leading to the private room reserved for the luncheon was slippery. You lost traction, fell backward and hit your head on the hard surface. At the hospital, the diagnosis was mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Finding the cause

The solution used for cleaning the floor in the hotel corridor may have been a major contributor to your accident. Cleaning solutions can leave a slippery residue.  Those that are fragrant usually contain oils, which may cause someone walking across the freshly cleaned floor to slip. On the other hand, moisture from rainy weather or fluids from the parking lot can also become hazardous when tracked inside.

Filing a claim

The owner of the hotel hosting the reunion may be the negligent party with regard to your injury. The cleaning company may also bear responsibility. The testimony of witnesses who saw you fall and who can attest that the floor was slippery can lend support to your claim for compensation if needed. Your recovery will take several weeks of rehabilitation. Meanwhile, you have the right to expect a full and fair settlement to cover your medical expenses, lost wages and more.