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How do crush injuries manifest?

Crush injuries are among some of the most brutal injuries that a person can receive in their lifetime. These injuries result from part of the body getting compacted, compressed or otherwise crushed between two or more heavy or large objects.

What are the impacts of these injuries on a victim? What can a victim expect when dealing with a crush injury?

Crush injuries of the trunk

Up To Date takes a look at crush injuries and their impacts. First, crush injuries typically fall into one of two categories: trunk and limb injuries.

Trunk injuries primarily involve the torso or trunk of the body. This impacts the organs the most. Common side effects associated with this type of crush injury include organ failure and sepsis. Depending on how badly the circulation gets cut off or whether the lung capacity ends up diminished, death may be a faster risk for people experiencing this type of crush injury.

Crush injuries of the limbs

These injuries involve the limbs and extremities like the hands and feet. Though they typically do not have as immediate a risk to a person’s life, they can still have intense complications such as gangrene, necrosis of the skin and the possibility of amputation.

The outlook of crush injuries

No matter what area of the body ends up crushed, this type of injury will always have lasting impacts to some degree. The amount of people suffering from permanent physical health issues is not insignificant, and death rates are also high. This is why it is important for crush injury victims to get quick medical aid.