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What is life like after your DUI?

Getting a DUI is a big deal, and it makes sense to take the charges seriously from the offset. However, most people think about the short-term effects rather than looking at the lasting impacts.

Both can have an equally devastating impact on a person’s life after a DUI conviction.

Short-term impacts of a DUI

According to BACtrack, DUIs have long and short-term impacts. In the short term, which most people think about first, a person could face things like time in jail and a large fine. This happens concurrently with any fees associated with the legal cost, which often ends up as a hefty price tag. This could leave a person in debt and paying off their dues for quite some time.

But of course, the short-term impacts are not the only problem. The long-term complications can cause even more trouble in the end.

Lasting problems in the wake of a DUI

This includes difficulty finding housing and difficulty applying for new jobs. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get hired into certain industries with a DUI on record. Some industries outright refuse to hire someone with a DUI, such as government positions and jobs that work with kids.

As far as housing goes, it is illegal for landlords to discriminate solely based on a person’s criminal history. However, it is possible for them to prefer other candidates who do not have a criminal record if they only have a limited number of availabilities.

It is important to keep these things in mind when deciding how to face a DUI charge in court.