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Is it legal to avoid a DUI checkpoint?

Most people have at least heard of DUI stops or checkpoints, which can occur at any point on any road.

However, much fewer people realize that they can actually avoid these checkpoints in completely safe and legal ways. But how?

Navigating DUI checkpoints

LifeSafer discusses avoiding DUI checkpoints that you may come across. First, in some states, police must notify drivers that they are approaching a DUI checkpoint. They may even have to provide alternate routes for those who do not want to go through them.

However, even if they do not have the obligation to do this, it is still possible to use navigation systems to get around a DUI checkpoint.

The key to doing this in a legal and safe way is by abiding by traffic laws at every point when leaving the road that goes through the DUI checkpoint.

Do not drive aggressively

This means you cannot make sudden turns, drive aggressively, go over double solid lines, make illegal u-turns or do anything else that would be illegal under normal circumstances. Peeling out from a road suddenly will only draw more attention, in any case.

Additionally, drivers should not have anything else that a police officer can pull them over for, because they will likely be keeping an eye out for cars turning away from the DUI checkpoint. This can include things as minor as a broken tail light or an expired plate sticker.

Stay calm, follow the laws of the road and no driver should have trouble leaving a DUI checkpoint before going through it.