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Can one DUI change your life?

Getting a DUI even just once can potentially alter the course of a person’s life forever. Though many only think about jail time and its related consequences, the true impact of a DUI can last much longer than that.

In what ways do these long-lasting impacts affect a person? How can they manifest in different areas?

Financial impact of a DUI

Forbes discusses the impacts of a DUI conviction. First, of course, there is the initial impact of potential jail time and fines or fees. These can range much higher than a person may expect, causing them to experience enormous amounts of stress. It can take years for a person to fully pay off the amount of money they owe due to a DUI.

Struggles in the job market

Even after paying this off and getting out of jail, a person may struggle. After all, they likely will lose their current job due to the incarceration. They might struggle to find a new one, too. Though it is illegal for employees to discriminate against people with criminal records in some situations, this does not mean they cannot pass over someone with a criminal record for a person with a clean record.

On top of that, many industries simply do not hire people with a DUI on record for safety reasons. This includes government positions, jobs that work with children, and jobs that require a commercial driver’s license.

Some people even experience discrimination in housing, where a landlord may pass them over for another applicant with a clean record. Thus, DUI convictions can affect almost every area of a person’s life.v