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How do construction workers get traumatic brain injuries?

When you are working in a construction zone, there are many possibilities for serious injuries. Your coworkers may also contribute to these potential accidents.

Whether you are working up high on a scaffold above solid rock or you are using a piece of construction equipment, understanding the sources of traumatic brain injuries is important.


According to the Mayo Clinic, falling from high platforms or the top of an unsafe ladder can increase the likelihood of a serious brain injury. Some scaffolds may even collapse if the materials are weak or if the scaffold itself had defects during construction.

In the days after a fall, you may not immediately think you have a traumatic brain injury. However, if you notice yourself getting dizzy, vomiting more frequently and struggling to stay upright while walking, you may need additional medical help.

Dropped objects

When your coworkers try to pass tools to each other or set them down, these same tools could slip out of their hands and hit you on the head.

A traumatic brain injury often impacts how easily you can speak and concentrate while in conversations. In the time after a head injury, you may have people tell you that your answers or replies do not make sense.

Moving vehicles and equipment

Being in an active construction zone means that large trucks or cranes could often be a very real danger to you. If a heavy vehicle hits you in the head or knocks you over, you could struggle with different sleep habits or strange fluid coming from your nose as a result of brain trauma.

Since traumatic brain injuries can affect every area of your life, staying aware of this issue is important while working in construction.