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What mistakes should you avoid making during a DUI arrest?

When a police officer pulls you over, you may initially panic and not know how to handle the situation. Being calm and staying focused on the situation in front of you can help you if you feel scared in the middle of a DUI arrest.

Once a traffic stop happens, you should take care to follow a few basic steps for interacting with police officers.

Avoid arguments and yelling

According to the Public Broadcasting Service, the police are likely recording all interactions you have with them, so you should take care to not act aggressively or insult the person you are talking to. An escalation of an angry interaction can lead to worse trouble later on.

Have your license ready and prepare to talk calmly so that you can make a good first impression.

Avoid distractions

After talking or asking you basic questions, an officer will likely ask you to take a field sobriety test. You will probably have to get out of your vehicle for this interaction. These tests can include walking in a straight line to see if you can balance or testing out how your eyes look.

Being aware of how you act, including the fact that you can refuse to do these tests, is important.

Avoid ignoring body language

Taking your hands out of your pockets will help the police see that you have nothing potentially dangerous in them. Being deliberate and slow about your movements is another way to keep the conversation and interaction relaxed.

You do have options during and after a DUI arrest for how to proceed if an officer pulls you over, and staying calm can help you.