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How can a car crash change a personality?

Getting into a crash can result in serious injuries to multiple areas of the body. Damage to the neck, back and head hold the highest rate of occurrence.

Damage to the head in particular can have lasting and major impacts on multiple facets of a victim’s life. In fact, a bad enough head injury can even alter someone’s personality.

Loss of coping mechanisms

Medline Plus discusses the impact of a TBI on a victim’s personality. Many victims struggle with temper and anger management after an accident. They may feel quicker to anger or irritation and tend to lash out at others even if they did not have a history of doing so before.

Many lose their ability to cope with stress, too. This can lead to the victim feeling or seeming overwhelmed even in situations they could handle with ease before. They may even risk their job because of breakdowns due to an inability to handle the job or life-related stress.

Increase in depression and anxiety

This can result in an increase in anxiety and may lead to the worsening or development of depression, which have further impacts on the victim’s personality or how they present themselves to others.

Of course, the impact can differ based on several factors. The victim’s state of health and age may have influence over the outcome, along with the strength behind the injuring blow and the location of the injury.

However, regardless of the injury itself, any blow to the head should get treated seriously. Medical intervention serves as the best way to limit long-term and high-impact damage from these injuries.