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Can you avoid DUI traps?

Police can set up DUI checkpoints anywhere along the highway and in most cases, they do not even have to give warning in advance. They do not have to provide alternative routes to drivers, either.

However, that does not mean that drivers cannot find their own alternative routes to avoid going through the checkpoints.

Safely avoiding checkpoints

LifeSafer discusses the ways to legally avoid a DUI checkpoint. The reality is, as long as a driver does not do anything illegal to escape the checkpoint, they can leave before they enter through the checkpoint itself.

This means that a driver cannot make illegal U-turns or illegal turns, they cannot cut off other cars, they cannot drive over the lines and they cannot make any aggressive, risky or reckless driving moves.

Reasons for police pursuit

However, keep in mind that police will often keep an eye out for people turning around and leaving before hitting the checkpoint. They may look for a reason to pursue the drivers turning, which can range from a driver speeding to an expired plate sticker or broken tail light.

If law enforcement has a valid reason to pursue, then they can and often will do so. Once they pull over a driver, it is possible that they will find reason to request a BAC test, which the driver must then comply with, putting them in the exact situation they wanted to avoid.

Thus, for those who want to avoid DUI traps, it is best to do so only if there is a safe and legal way to turn around without drawing police attention.