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Why would victims parents file a wrongful death lawsuit?

When a family loses a child through the negligent act of another, it is tragic. Parents in these situations know that nothing they can do will bring back their child, but they may still file a wrongful death lawsuit.

A recent situation brought to light the failings of amusement parks to ensure the safety of guests. Today reports the parents decided to take their case to court to help ensure nobody else has to experience the same pain.


Many people mistakenly think people are just looking to get a large amount of money from their tragedy by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. For many parents, though, the motivation is quite different. They already lost something that nobody can ever replace. They know firsthand the devastation, and their motivation is to protect others from having to go through the same type of loss.

Amusement park accidents

Amusement parks are generally safe places because of regulations. However, accidents still happen due to employee error, maintenance issues, or design flaws. When they do, loved ones have every right to investigate and find out what happened. It makes sense they would want to ensure nobody else gets hurt. One of the best ways to do that is to go to court.

A wrongful death lawsuit allows the family to hold those in the wrong responsible. It is a hard lesson, but one that will likely stick with the at-fault party and cause real change. That is the ultimate goal with such lawsuits because it means something good comes out of a terrible situation.