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Reviewing the consequences of speeding

You could find yourself in a traffic crash for various reasons, whether another driver loses control of their vehicle during inclement weather or they collide with you while under the influence of alcohol. However, speeding is particularly concerning, and it is pivotal for every driver to understand the prevalence and impact of speed-related crashes.

Not only does speeding make the chances of a traffic accident go up, but it also increases the likelihood that those involved will suffer severe injuries.

Statistics on speeding, injuries and deaths

Data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that in 2019, traffic collisions involving speeding drivers led to 326,000 people suffering injuries, based on estimates. In fact, this accounted for 12% of all injury crashes over the course of the year.

Furthermore, high speeds played a role in 26% of all deadly traffic accidents in 2019, and more than 9,400 people lost their lives in these collisions.

Recovering from a speed-related crash

In the aftermath of an accident caused by a speeding driver, you could have numerous hardships to address. These accidents often result in debilitating injuries, and you could have to take time off work and miss out on important events as a result of your condition. Additionally, hospital expenses, costs related to rehabilitation and other sources of financial strain can make life very challenging.

Aside from the physical and financial toll of these accidents, you could have mental trauma and difficult emotions such as depression and anxiety. If you find yourself facing these problems because of a speeding driver who showed no regard for traffic safety guidelines, hold them accountable.