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What do you know about saving money on medical expenses?

After suffering a catastrophic accident, you have a lot of injuries to tend to. Even though you know you have a solid legal case, you still have medical bills to pay while waiting to see how much you could receive in damages. How do you satisfy bills collectors while waiting to see how your case turns out?

The Motley Fool offers tips for saving money on healthcare bills. Learn how to protect your financial health while working to protect your right to fair compensation.

Know how your benefits work

While you may rely on your health insurance to help cover medical expenses, you may not understand your policy as well as you think. Specifically, find out what your insurance covers and what you must pay for. Refresh your memory on in-network providers so you do not go to a specialist or physician outside your network. It also makes sense to check whether you need pre-authorization from your insurance company or primary care physician before receiving a medical procedure or service.

Purchase medications in bulk

If you must take medication to treat your injuries, ask how long. For long-term prescriptions and medications you take regularly, consider buying them in bulk. By purchasing a 90-day supply of a prescription, you could save money on the medication and the gas you spend driving to the pharmacy.

Ask for generic medications

You could save money with generic prescriptions rather than buy brand-name medication. If you have concerns about taking a generic drug, ask your doctor about the risks. Usually, generic options are just as safe as brand-name prescriptions.

A personal injury need not break the bank while you recover. With the right tips and information, you give yourself one less thing to fret over while building your case.