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Drunk driving charges and restricted driving privileges

If charged with driving drunk, your life could change in many ways. You could face financial hardships as a result of missing work, losing your job or paying fines. From an emotional standpoint, these allegations are often very difficult to deal with, and many people lose friends and suffer damage to their reputations.

In addition to these challenges, some people struggle with the loss of their driving privileges following a drunk driving case. In some instances, drivers regain the ability to operate a motor vehicle, but only for certain purposes.

Taking a look at restricted driving privileges

The Florida Legislature goes over restricted driving privileges, which some drivers can secure after losing their license as a result of drunk driving. When determining whether to award a driver with restricted driving privileges, courts will go over their need to operate a vehicle and whether they are suitable to drive.

Sometimes, people in this position can drive for business purposes, which includes driving to and from one’s job, driving required as part of one’s job duties and driving for educational reasons. In some instances, restricted driving privileges also allow people to drive for medical reasons or for church.

Other considerations regarding restricted driving privileges

In some instances, courts ask for letters of recommendation when deciding whether to offer restricted driving privileges. Moreover, drivers typically have to complete a driver training course or substance abuse course before securing restricted driving privileges. If you have restricted driving privileges, you cannot drive for reasons not approved by the court. It is essential to explore your options if you have lost your driving privileges due to a drunk driving case.