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Dealing with false allegations of domestic violence

If you are facing domestic violence allegations, you need to understand how these accusations could affect your life and take steps to prepare immediately. Domestic violence charges can carry harsh repercussions, preventing people from seeing their children, leading to unfavorable outcomes with regard to child custody and harsh court-imposed penalties.

Unfortunately, some people find themselves in this position even though they did not do anything wrong. Make sure you recognize your rights, review the details of the case thoroughly and gather as much evidence as you can to prove your innocence.

Examples of domestic violence

The Florida Legislature provides an overview of domestic violence, which includes assault, sexual assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping and stalking involving a family member or a household member. For example, a household member includes someone currently or previously living together in the same unit, and family members include children, spouses, former spouses and unmarried partners someone had a child with.

Reasons for false domestic violence claims

It is important to understand the many reasons why some people find themselves wrongly accused of domestic violence. Sometimes, an ex wants to get revenge by shattering their former lover’s life, especially if they are jealous or bitter about the breakup or their former partner entering a new relationship. Some parents lie about their child’s other parent in order to influence the outcome of a custody case, and some people misconstrue the details of a fight.

You need to understand the steps you can take to protect your future. Moreover, these charges often cause a lot of anxiety and stress, but you should try to stay focused as you go over your options.