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What could the state of Florida do to help decrease traffic fatalities?

Auto accidents are not always due to errors on the part of drivers alone. There are often extenuating circumstances that make some roads or areas more dangerous than others. Many times, laws come into play when it comes to fatal accidents. If laws had been different, a person may have survived the accident.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the state of Florida could take several legislative steps to change road and driving conditions that could help reduce the number of fatal accidents in the state.

More safety laws

Florida could enact some additional safety laws to keep roads safer. Since the state has year-round decent weather, motorcycles are a common sight on roads. If the state enacts a universal motorcycle helmet law, it could save lives. Such a law would require helmet use by all riders regardless of age.

Another important law the state could put in place is to make seat belt laws primary laws. This would mean officers could stop a vehicle if an occupant is not wearing a safety belt.

The state should also strengthen existing child safety seat regulations. It should do more to require age-appropriate use.

Better driving training

Florida could also enact a graduated drivers licensing program for young people. Instead of allowing teens to get a license right away, the state would require them to go through steps with restrictions based on age. For example, the law could restrict the hours in which drivers age 16 and 17 could drive.

State laws can impact the safety of roads in many ways. The state of Florida could make a few changes that could lead to a huge reduction in fatal accidents.