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How does a DUI affect your job search?

Florida drivers with DUIs cannot put their job searches on hold. Despite their criminal charge, they still have careers to nurture.

Chron explains how drunk driving charges impact job searches. When armed with facts, job candidates know where to focus their efforts.

Arrests and convictions

Depending on the state, employers may not have the right to ask job applicants about arrests. Instead, they may only ask about convictions. Candidates should not offer arrest information freely. While they should let hiring managers know about convictions, they should only do so when asked directly.

Job duties

Job duties determine whether it matters if a candidate has a DUI. For instance, those with DUIs could have trouble qualifying for driving positions. Jobs that involve handling sensitive information could also remain closed to those with a DUI.


Those with drunk driving charges must show why they make solid job candidates. They can explain the DUI’s circumstances, share what they learned since receiving the charge and explain how they plan to stay out of trouble. Job applicants must think twice about lying, as employers could learn about their DUI through a background check.

Other roadblocks

Those with DUIs must also consider their limitations. For example, they may not have access to reliable work transportation. Being unable to drive could also make it hard to attend interviews. Even if someone with a DUI gets a job, she or he cannot show HR a driver’s license. This could make recruiters reluctant to work with them.

Having a DUI does not make a person unemployable. Instead, the charge creates additional roadblocks for candidates to overcome.