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Criminal traffic violations reveal the dangers of Florida roads

Many factors including weather conditions and mechanical problems lead to accidents on Florida roadways. It is no secret that bad driving causes a large number of problems, resulting in many preventable injuries and deaths.

Information from 2020 reveals drivers engaged in several dangerous activities that ranged from reckless driving to fleeing from authorities.

A look at traffic citations in Florida

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, in its 2020 traffic citation report, shows that DUIs remained a large problem in the state. Law enforcement agencies recorded just over 37,000 violations in this category. The courts entered a guilty verdict for just under half of these criminal citations, though a large number of cases remain pending in the court system.

Fleeing authorities and leaving the scene of an accident amounted to just over 18,000 registered violations. A much lower percentage of these violations led to guilty judgments and a somewhat higher number saw an adjudication with a judge. Drivers engaged in two other dangerous activities, reckless driving and racing on the highway, received just under 6,600 citations.

A large number of violations for license violations

The largest category of criminal traffic violations issued in 2020 fell under the category of driving with a suspended license or failing to have appropriate vehicle registrations papers. Expired tags also resulted in many citations, while traffic authorities issued a smaller number of citations for failing to follow restrictions listed on the driver’s license.

While some violations might seem innocuous, they could still lead to unsafe roads. A person with a suspended license or who drives without the legally required eyewear could pose higher risks for other users of Florida roadways.