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Pedestrian accident injuries and deaths

Whether you worry about the safety of your children when they walk near traffic or you regularly walk or jog alongside the road, it is vital to understand how prevalent pedestrian accidents are. Each year, many pedestrians sustain serious injuries and lose their lives as a result of traffic accidents, which sometimes take place because of reckless drivers.

By recognizing the prevalence of pedestrian accidents and staying vigilant when you walk near the street or try to cross the road, you can reduce the likelihood of finding yourself in a terrible accident.

Data on pedestrian injuries and fatalities

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that roughly 75,000 pedestrians sustained injuries in traffic accidents during 2018. Moreover, this represents an increase when compared to 2017, when about 71,000 pedestrians suffered injuries in traffic accidents.

In 2018, 6,283 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic accidents. This figure is also higher when compared to 2017 when 6,075 pedestrians died in traffic accidents. In 2018, pedestrian fatalities accounted for 17% of all traffic accident deaths and traffic accidents claimed the life of a pedestrian every 84 minutes, on average.

Other statistics related to pedestrian accidents

According to NHTSA data, pedestrians are more likely to die at night than during the daytime. Moreover, 74% of fatal pedestrian accidents occurred outside of intersections and a majority (81%) took place in urban areas.

Whether you walk near traffic in the daytime, evening or at night, you need to keep an eye out for traffic. Unfortunately, many reckless drivers continue to cause these accidents and they should answer for their actions.