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DUI charges and imprisonment

If you are facing DUI charges, you need to understand the potential penalties associated with these allegations. Aside from losing your license, sustaining serious damage to your reputation, struggling to find a job and paying fines, you could face time behind bars.

There are different factors that can affect the length of a sentence and you need to go over all of your options closely. Make sure you review the details surrounding your case and potential strategies to secure a more favorable outcome.

Past DUI cases affect the length of imprisonment

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, those facing drunk driving charges for the first time could face up to six months behind bars. However, if you are facing DUI charges and already have one conviction on your record, you could spend up to nine months behind bars.

A third conviction could result in one year behind bars, while a fourth conviction could result in up to five years behind bars.

Other factors that affect imprisonment in DUI cases

In addition to past convictions, other factors could impact how much time behind bars you face. For example, if a minor was riding in your vehicle or your BAC level was above .15, you could face nine months behind bars for a first conviction or twelve months for a second conviction. Moreover, some courts decide those facing charges to participate in an alcohol or drug treatment program and credit time spent in such a program toward their prison sentence.

DUI cases can result in harsh repercussions, so it is essential to take steps to safeguard your future.