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Drug paraphernalia charges in Florida

If you are facing charges related to the possession, use, sale or manufacturing of drug paraphernalia, you need to immediately review your options and understand what is at stake. These charges could turn your life upside down, shattering your reputation and resulting in harsh penalties.

Some people do not realize that Florida considers treats many types of equipment and materials as unlawful drug paraphernalia. Moreover, some people are falsely accused of an offense related to drug paraphernalia, such as those who had unlawful items planted in their vehicle.

Examples of illegal drug paraphernalia

According to the Florida Senate, there are various examples of unlawful drug paraphernalia, such as tableting machines and hypodermic syringes delivered to a minor for the purpose of injecting an illegal substance. In the state of Florida, people cannot use or possess illegal drug paraphernalia. Drug paraphernalia consists of equipment that allows people to grow, harvest, manufacture, process, test, store or consume illegal substances.

The consequences of drug paraphernalia charges

If charged with possessing drug paraphernalia, you could face stiff consequences. For example, the court could order that you pay a steep fine and you could face the prospect of a lengthy jail sentence. You could sustain irreparable damage to your reputation and the case could haunt you for years to come.

In fact, drug charges can affect other facets of one’s life. For example, if you are in the middle of a dispute over child custody, a drug-related offense could impact your ability to secure an optimal outcome. Make sure you know your legal rights and prepare for such a case cautiously.