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When negligent security leads to violent attacks on properties

As Florida and the rest of the country regain some sense of normalcy more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, travel, once again, has been embraced by an increasing number of people. Business travelers and tourists have slowly trickled into the region’s hotels, restaurants and convention centers.

And with the many out-of-towners arriving, some individuals with trouble on their minds view them as potential victims. Without notice and on any premises, assailants can violently attack and rob unsuspecting people. It can happen in hotel lobbies and rooms, restaurant parking lots and stairwells and large parking ramps. Why did these crimes occur? Usually it is a case of negligent security committed by property owners and landlords.

Serious injuries in premises liability cases

Victims of violent attacks often sustain serious injuries, emotional trauma and need months or years to recover through rehabilitation and therapy. Negligent security often is at the root of these premises liability cases. And these violent attacks are avoidable.

A property owner remains responsible for assuring the safety of the public on its premises. Legal requirements are in place and so should common-sense measures. Visitors to any property expect well-lit parking lots, common areas and stairwells. They also expect security staff who know how to protect people.

Common reasons for violent attacks

Here are some of the common reasons that violent attacks occur on properties:

  • Inefficient lighting: Darkness provides ideal cover for criminals seeking to rob and attack victims who may be walking to their car in parking lots and parking ramps or venturing down stairwells and hallways.
  • Inoperable security cameras or lack of cameras: These devices represent the eyes for security staff who regularly monitor them to make sure people safely come and go. With no security cameras or unreliable ones, criminals gain an advantage.
  • Low number of security staff and improperly trained staff: This is just plain sloppiness and neglect on the part of property owners. A competent, trained and experienced security staff recognizes dangers and knows how to deal with criminals.
  • Inadequate locks on doors and windows: A crafty criminal may know how to break into hotel rooms.

Property owners and landlords rely on tenants and guests for their business. The least they can do is ensure the protection of them and anyone who journeys onto their properties. With minimal oversight and investment in security, property owners and landlords open themselves up for lawsuits. A poorly lit stairwell is cause for concern because an assailant may be waiting for you.