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Silent injuries people suffer in an accident

A car accident is never convenient. Everything happens so quickly that you often may find yourself in shock once the car comes to a stop.

After a crash, you may not feel much pain and want to leave the scene as soon as you can. However, there is a good reason you should consider getting checked out at a hospital even if you do not feel like you need it. Some of the most common injuries may not show obvious signs at the scene, but you may find yourself dealing with them later down the road.

Head trauma

You may believe that a head injury is something easy to see or feel. While this is true when there is a visible wound, it is an internal head injury that is worrisome. Depending on the severity of the accident, your head may have jostled, causing your brain to slide inside the skull. When it strikes the bone, it may bruise and swell. The injury may not become obvious until the injury is serious. If the brain bleeds inside the skull or swells without intervention, you may suffer a stroke or permanent brain damage.

Soft tissue damage

The body contains soft tissue that connects the bones and helps with mobility. This includes things such as ligaments, muscles and tendons. Injuries to soft tissue around the body may result in chronic pain and disability. The back is one of the largest regions of soft tissue in the body. Back injuries may become debilitating and chronic if not treated swiftly.

Going to the doctor after a car crash may help you recover from hidden injuries. Waiting may prove a detriment to your overall health and wellbeing.