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Why is grey divorce on the rise?

As an older couple in California, you might reach a point where you decide divorce is the right option for you. You might feel a little out of your element due to your age bracket, but this should not be a concern. After all, grey divorce is on the rise. 

Grey divorce involves couples over 50 years of age. But why is it on the rise lately? And how does that impact your potential divorce? 

Society’s changing opinion on divorce

Forbes takes a look at some of the reasons responsible for the rise in grey divorce rates. They cite a few reasons as more common than others. For example, several tie to the changing times. Divorce was once a stigmatized process. Divorcees could spend their lives facing discrimination in their community. While this still happens in some areas, divorce is much more common these days. You are not likely to run into trouble for being a divorced person. 

Also, the average lifespan is longer than it once was. It continues to lengthen, too. This means that you are not “too old” to start looking for new love or a new lease in life in your 50s. Many other 50+ year olds feel the same as they embark on their own divorces. 

The last straw

Some people also find that after decades of marriage, some things are irreconcilable. Maybe your spouse has a gambling problem they cannot shake. Maybe they have always mismanaged finances. Promises made and broken over the years is often enough to sour a relationship. 

Whatever your reason for divorce, getting one at any age is valid. Just because you are a little older than your divorced peers does not mean it is too late for you. You can go for a fresh start, too.